Yes, indeed, boox! Or with more generally accepted orthography, books. Thanks to limited mobility during Covid, I took up a long-time dream of writing a book.

The e-version (ebook) and paperback are out. Read the summary and see if it can be for you. Here’s the cover:

The Deep:
The process of writing turned out to be quite enjoyable, so when Nuremberg was finished, I continued with the next idea that had matured for a while in my head. It’s out now, in ebook and paperback formats.

The Big Day:
Yup, after two books, I did not stop and wrote a third book that now is out. Again as ebook and paperback, but also as audiobook! You can read or listen in whatever format you fancy.

De Grote Dag:
Inderdaad, als experiment vertaalde ik ‘The Big Day’ naar het Nederlands en dat werd ‘De Grote Dag’. Uiteraard ook deze weer als ebook en paperback.

If you are curious enough to read one of my books, feel free to let me know what you think of it.