LA Wall Art Festival 6

Abstract or figurative, that’s the question

Art can be figurative: you recognize real-life objects and can see what it is or what it is supposed to be. In contrast, art can also be abstract, in which case you might be able to figure out what you think it is or what it resembles. Or you have no clue what it looks like, that’s probably abstract as well.

And, for simplicity’s sake, it can be both abstract and figurative in any blend you can think of.

Nope, this ain’t no art class. I’m an art novice myself and art of not, I either like something arty or I don’t. Most Rembrandt’s I certainly do not like, most Van Gogh’s I do like – but not all of them. Why? I got no clue. a matter of different taste I guess. It sure would be boring if we all had the same taste don’t you agree? So I’m not treating y’all to a free art class. Instead of me giving a free art class, you can click some of the links on this page and learn more about the items. But I do have a question for you to consider… Continue reading →

LA Wall Art Festival 5

The final results of the hard work on Artwork in LA

It’s been a week since the festival ended and LA was enhanced by some fine artists with some fine art. In this post, I’ll give you an impression of what has been done. Be aware, the photo work was done by me with a cellphone camera – by no means a professional job. For the best impression: go and visit all of them yourself using the map published here. Continue reading →

LA Torre del Rame

What’s that, the Torre del Rame?

The southern part of our town is called Las Lomas del Rame, or The Hills of Rame. It’s named after the small towered fortress Torre del Rame. When driving the N332 to or from southern LA, you’d probably never see it as there are some building and a lot of palm trees blocking the sight. I’m not propagating to cutting the palm trees down, instead I encourage you to take the small detour and have a look at the Torre. Continue reading →

Wall art vs Graffiti

What is art and what is graffiti?

The eternal question on wall art is that it is deemed graffiti (by some). Obviously I do not agree with that. Yes, there is graffiti, and there is wall art that I do not like, but wall art per se is not graffiti. For me, the difference between graffiti and mural art is clear by looking at it. If the difference is unclear to you, then I’d recommend to visit some of the murals in progress today, or some created earlier. Continue reading →

LA Wall Art

Mural art in Los Alcazares!

Every time we visit LA; there are new murals to be discovered. Sometimes we spot them while driving through the village, other times I’ll go and look for them by bicycle. Our current visit (June 2024) is no exception, this is one I found close to our home: Continue reading →

The Spangles Chorus choir

The chorus

Formed in 2004, the Spangles Chorus is a ladies’ group singing a-cappella and barbershop four-part harmony, with no accompaniment. They are three times Barbershop Champions of Spain and Portugal and meet at the Las Claras Centre in Los Narejos, Los Alcázares, Murcia, Spain every Thursday. Continue reading →